Coffee & Cakes

Always homemade, our selection changes daily – we always strive to have at least one vegan and gluten free cake available.

Our coffee is excellent, and made with Wogan’s Amharic beans, Jess’s Ladies whole organic milk, or with oat or almond milk if you prefer. We also have herbal teas from Pukka, and Zuma hot chocolate, as well as homemade traditional chai, iced lattes, and seasonal specials as and when the ideas and the ingredients come to us.

Breakfast & Lunch Menu

Served from 9am until 3pm (2.30pm on Mondays)

City Farmer £8.95
Sandridge Farm pork & herb sausage and smoked back bacon, fried eggs, mushrooms, roast tomatoes, baked beans, toast

City Grower £8.25
Vegetarian Lincolnshire sausages, fried eggs, mushrooms, baked beans, fresh wilted greens, roast tomatoes, toast

Sandwiches £4.50
Sandridge Farm smoked back bacon
Sandridge Farm sausage
Vegetarian or vegan Lincolnshire sausage

with jam, marmite or nut butter £1.60
with scrambled eggs or tofu £4.50
with Heinz beans £3.95

Soup of the day (v) with bread & butter £4.95
Seasonal and always veggie

Fresh salad plates from £7.25
Served with our homemade pork sausage rolls (with sage & apple or smoked chilli, fennel & rosemary) or our vegetarian pastries (squash, feta & basil or sweet potato, black-eyed bean & coconut), our fresh seasonal frittatas, tarts, humous, Sandridge Farm ham, bread & homemade chutney

Seasonal specials from £6.95
Always available, using meat raised on the Farm, or the best of the season’s produce

Add Bristol Loaf Organic Sourdough to any of the above for 50p extra

Toasties, served with a little salad £4.95
Such as hand-carved ham & cheddar, mushroom, farm-grown greens & stilton, Brie & bacon
With white or granary bread, or add Bristol Loaf Organic Sourdough for £1 extra

Kids’ Menu

Little Farmer £3.95
Sandridge Farm pork & herb sausage or smoked back bacon, fried egg, baked beans, toast

Little Grower £3.95
Veggie or vegan Lincolnshire sausage, fried egg, baked beans, toast

with jam, marmite or nut butter £1.60
with scrambled eggs £2.75
with Heinz beans £2.50

Little sandwiches with veggie sticks
Veggie sausage, pork sausage, bacon or ham £2.95
Cheddar cheese £2.75

Snack Plate £3.95
includes toast fingers, hummus, veggie sticks, fresh and dried fruit

Homemade kids’ dish of the day £3.95
for example, a veggie & bean stew with couscous, or a farm-reared lamb tagine with quinoa, always served with fresh raw veggie sticks